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World On Wheels commenced business originally as 'Ferris Wheels' (after the founder Mike Ferris) in 1994 with a pioneering tour leading a small group to the highest road in the world, and our Himalayan Heights flagship product was born.

A Personal Approach

Mike Ferris is one of the original Founding Fathers of what has become the motorcycle tour industry.  Operating professional commercial tours since 1994, originally under the company name Ferris Wheels, his pedigree is difficult to surpass. He was the first to establish a motorcycle tour operation in Australia, and the first to introduce Royal Enfield motorcycle tours to the highest road in the world, an inspirational lead followed now by so many others over the years.

And after more than 30 years at the helm and a company name change to World On Wheels, Mike still leads each and every one of our tours himself. So the guy who scouts out the new tours, writes the itineraries, and posts out your caps and T-shirts, is the same guy who will meet you at the first tour hotel and guide you every step of the way through your chosen destination.

A Professional Approach

In addition to gallivanting around the world introducing thousands of people to the joys of adventurous motorcycle experiences, Mike has also found the time to:
. finance and produce the Channel 7 TV series 'World On Wheels'
. write, sing and record a travel song, 'Reachin for the Heavens'
. author and publish his travelogue book, 'Free Back Issues!'
. write hundreds of articles for motorcycle (and other) magazines

And when the entire tourism industry was thrown into lockdown in 2020-21 by the Coronavirus pandemic, Mike used his downtime productively by becoming a fully qualified and state-accredited motorcycle riding instructor.

Choose your Tour Operator wisely and carefully !

Our trips have been acclaimed over the past 30+ years in Two Wheels, Motorcycle News, Riding On, Australian Road Rider, SideTrack, Motorcycle Trader, TrailBike Adventure Magazine, Australian Motorcyclist, Adventure Rider, Geo Australia, Cross Check, The Good Oil, Lonely Planet, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Weekly, The Australian, Melbourne Age, The Geelong Advertiser, The West Australian, Kiwi Rider, The NZ Herald, The UK Guardian, The Dominion, North Shore Times, The Manly Daily, The Kathmandu Post, Indian Link, The Times of India, The Hindustan Times… the list goes on and you can view some of these articles here on our webpage.

In addition, many of our clients have been individually featured in regional newspapers and club magazines too numerous to mention, as a result of their participation in these tours. Our international safaris have been featured on top-rating TV travel shows such as The World Around UsGrey Voyagers and Getaway, as well as many a privately-produced client video and of course, our very own TV series World On Wheels on the 7 Network. We enjoy an exceptionally high repeat rate from satisfied customers, several of whom have done four, five or eight tours with us -- one guy Jim did 25 (yes, twenty-five!!) tours with us in 15 years.

We love the lifestyle our profession affords us. We get to explore foreign places all year round on two wheels with (usually!) like-minded people. When we're not riding exotic lands with other motorcyclists, we live in Newport on Sydney's northern beaches. We have a nice comfortable cabin cruiser berthed at the Royal Motor Yacht Club on Pittwater. A couple of hundred metres to the right is our local gymnasium where we do our best to keep fit; a couple of hundred metres to the east is the iconic Newport surf beach.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but one of the less-easily controlled aspects of this global phenomenon called the Internet is that other people can copy your ideas and help themselves to your entire published content. Other tour operators have seen fit to copy our itineraries and whole sections of our descriptive narrative and photos into their own webpage, verbatim. One company has 'borrowed' our tagline about Living on the Edge, and another newcomer boasts two guides who are both past clients of World On Wheels (when we were Ferris Wheels).

Our professionalism and meticulous attention to detail is second to none and is apparent throughout everything that we do, because we take it personally. Our itineraries are more comprehensive than others on offer. If their trip appears cheaper, ask how many days you will be riding, ask if all meals are included, all fuel for the bikes, all spare parts, etc. Then ask if you can phone a few of their clients and some of ours for references, before deciding where to place your faith.

Because quite simply, World On Wheels has the greatest experience in ensuring that you will have, quite simply, the greatest experience.

World On Wheels
P O Box 996 Narrabeen NSW 2101 Australia
Telephone: (+61) 0408 770480
Email: Adventure@WorldOnWheels.Tours

Mike thinks he can sing !

Click below to listen to his original composition, Reachin' for the Heavens, which is the DVD Soundtrack for the World On Wheels TV series. Mike wrote it, arranged it, sings it. But acknowledges that he probably wouldn't get a Yes from Simon Cowell...

Free Back Issues! Now available; an international motorcycle travelogue -- just 27 years in the making.

This is a quality publication, printed on highest grade photo stock to highlight the 70+ beautiful hi-res images throughout. Follow Mike's adventures around the world with like-minded people. A collection of over 50 exciting stories and anecdotes from a life on the road in 30 countries. You, or someone you know, might feature in one of them.

Critical acclaim for FBI:

Mike, just finished the book and what can I say, other than it's an honour to know you!  (...more)  Jenine Brown, Rock Musician, Sydney

This is a book which definitely left me wanting more.  (...more) Holly Field, Ulysses Club book reviewer, Melbourne

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