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As well as the personal reviews you'll read below, we're fortunate to have been featured in many magazine write-ups over the past 30 years or so; click here to see just a few !  (Many older reviews of course refer to our earlier days as Ferris Wheels). 

The thing I've liked most about this Ferris Wheels trip is you've got the best of both worlds; the infrastructure and support right there when you need it, but the freedom to just ride and enjoy the mountains when you want to on your own. Sorrel Wilby, Presenter, Channel 9's 'Getaway', Willoughby, NSW

Most of all, I remember the smiles. They're a cross-cultural thing, unhindered by language barriers. India is like that. Brilliant. If you want a real experience, get onto Ferris Wheels and get into it. Your grin, like mine, will last much longer than the adventure. Tony Kirby, editor/owner SideTrack magazine, Sydney

In the past 25 years I've made over 100 films for Australian television, and my travels take me all over the world in search of adventure. I can tell you that this Ferris Wheels Himalayan safari is one of the best trips I've ever done! And it got great reviews from the audience. Greg Grainger, Filmmaker, Channel 7's 'The World Around Us', Turramurra, NSW

I travelled Morocco with Ferris Wheels and my wife rode pillion. My feature on the trip ran as a three-part series for Australian magazine Two Wheels. Team Ferris was very well organised and we recommend this sort of group riding to anyone who's interested in a troublefree way to see a fascinating country. Hamish Cooper, independent moto-journo, Adelaide SA

Lyn and I have done several tours with Ferris Wheels and have always been impressed with how professionally run they were. We're happy to endorse and recommend them to anyone. Vic Lesslie, National Treasurer, Ulysses Club Inc

The World on Wheels DVD shows the trips exactly as they are when you're travelling with the Ferrises (Ferrisi?), with all the glorious reality of the places, the experiences and the hosts. The episodes took me back to trips I have done with them and made me hungry to do more. It's a highly entertaining and inspiring DVD. Mick Matheson, editor, Australian Road Rider

Fantastic trip - challenging, arduous, but well organised and hugely satisfying. Diana and I would do it all again tomorrow. Dick Hubbard, Chairman, Hubbard Foods Limited and (former) Mayor of Auckland City, NZ

Paul and I did several trips with Ferris Wheels, always with me riding pillion on Paul's bike. Then Denise and Mike ganged up on me, and for my 60th birthday I acquired my own bike license!! We've since done another couple of tours with them, on two bikes now, not one. Loving it even more now! Viki Skerman, Brisbane, Qld

What an amazing tour through the Andes! Just brilliant bike riding and some wonderful cultural experiences. Greg (band member) and I even came back enthused to write some new, Andean-inspired music. Bruce Mathiske, professional musician, Central Coast, NSW

Mike Ferris is a fit, good-looking, smart operator. As good as it gets,100%, perfect. We'll be back for sure. Dick Jones, Mackay, Queensland. 

[But unfortunately, just three weeks after doing our 2003 Turkish Treasures tour with his wife Roz, Dick was tragically killed on a weekend ride with some mates in Queensland.]

Thank you so much Denise and Mike for including us in the Ferris Wheels 20th anniversary celebration. It was an inspired event and incredibly generous. The (Sydney Harbour) cruise was a floating party of happy biker folk, once more bought together by a wonderful couple who are gifted bike riders and a unique business team. Well done! When we gathered as a group prior to boarding, I felt such pleasurable anticipation as I surveyed the other 'guests' knowing that, having never met before, I would like them all and share much in common. Such is the nature of a Ferris Wheels motorcycle tour - we arrive as individual riders and leave with new friends and a sense of a broader family. Not to mention the adventures, and for me, a sense of accomplishment and confidence. I can't think of any other 'holiday' I have been on, that has given me this. Love from Kathy and Guy Knox, Northbridge NSW

Hi Denise and Mike, Thanks for inviting us along to your successful 20 years in business celebrations. The Sydney Harbour cruise with like-minded people and a few drinks and nibbles was just great for us both. Catching up with former participants was also good, a few were from my last tour. See you in Kathmandu. Paul Moriarty, Emerald Qld

If Dick was still alive, Ferris Wheels would need no further advertisement. You opened his eyes to travel; he was ready to do every country, every tour you do, tell every single body about it. Roz Jones, Mackay. 10 years later, riding with us in Turkey again for her 70th birthday, her 4th tour with us since she lost Dick.

Just wanted to say thank you again M & D for letting us share in your wonderful celebration. It was fantastic, and moving, and fun, and filled with adventures being re-told. So, just as your tours always are! We felt really honoured to be a part of it. You have given us another great memory – of meeting and sharing with people who have opened their minds and lives wider than they could have imagined. All gathered to thank and honour the people who gave them the opportunity to do so – you two. Can’t wait for Turkey next year. All the best, Mark Jones & Mandy Noble, Sylvania NSW 

My wife and I have just finished the World On Wheels Royal Rajasthan 2016 Motorcycle Safari. This was our first organised motorbike tour and we can't imagine any tour company matching the experience we had, from the choice of motorbikes (new Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet) through to the incredible accommodation we stayed at which mostly consisted of restored forts and palaces. The support crew were great and the whole tour ran smoothly. The selection of routes through Rajasthan allowed us to see a broad cross-section of the countryside and people who live there. We can't wait until we go on the World On Wheels Morocco Tour in 2017. Tony (& Louise) Steaines, Walkerston Qld

Keep doing what you're doing, because you do it really well. I feel that I'm travelling with friends and it's great to have everything taken care of; luggage, meals, hotels. I've also travelled with a couple of other motorcycle touring companies and Ferris Wheels comes in at Number 1. James Proctor, Crows Nest, NSW

Dear Mike & Denise, I have just been reading about the new Enfield model -- the "Himalayan" which is purpose built for the trails you have blazed. It occurred to me that your adventure initiatives in the region must have had a significant influence on the decision to build this bike, as so many other groups have followed in your wake. So congratulations to you both -- you have earned a place in motorcycling history in the region. Wayne Talbot, Kelso NSW

You two are such terrible torments. I saw your proposed "Five Baltics" tour and drooled ... ok, I just spilled a bit of wine. Will have to find a job to earn your fees for 2018, because that trip really interests me. Keep up the good work, you light up my life. Cheers, Wayne Talbot, Kelso NSW

Mike & Denise, I would like to thank you both for having us on board last Saturday to share in your wonderful milestone. What a fantastic effort and from what I can see it's only getting stronger. The many accolades I heard are well deserved. Congratulations and may the wheels keep turning, close to the "edge" of course! Thanks heaps, love & hugs. Lorel & Tony Martin, Nelligen NSW

Hi Mike, a quick note from the two of us to thank you for an awesome tour and the most exciting experience of our lives. We have been sitting here shell shocked for two days – well nearly; we have bought an Enfield 500cc on the internet. Crazy maybe but we think it’s all your fault as you introduced us to these magic machines!!!! Once again our thanks – I’m sure Gerti will write to you also but she is very busy back at work to finance our next Ferris Wheels tour! Graham (& Gerti) Mitchell, Perth, Scotland

….and just the other day, I don't know what I was doing but suddenly I was reminded of India and then I started reading the Lonely Planet book again and I got really excited, wow, this next trip is only weeks away and I just had this adventure thing rekindled, looking at the photos, looking at your website again and realising what lucky people we are to go yet again on a trip like this, it is a great thing to do and thinking of the last adventure still puts a big smile into my face.....
Gerti (& Graham) again, just 6 months later !

I reckon I was born in Turkey, kidnapped by the gypsies and sold to Australian parents. I just love the place, can't get enough of it. I'll be back next year for sure. Jim Henington, Unanderra, NSW already doing his 12th consecutive tour of Turkey with us.

['JimBaba' has now (at end of 2015) done no fewer than 25 motorbike tours with World On Wheels! And signed up again for Turkey 2016.]

Just a little note to thank you for giving us the opportunity to see the places in South America we had always hoped to visit one day. Peter and I had a wonderful time, terrific company, lots of excitement and fun. The highlights were the wet salt pans, the ride along the ocean to Nazca, Machu Picchu and all the other Inca and pre-Inca sites we managed to see, the Amazon jungle trip and of course Lake Titicaca. The boat trip out to the floating islands was fascinating!
Erika (& Peter) Behrendt, Don Valley, Vic

You don’t have to be mad to do it, but it helps. The Safari to the Himalaya with 'Intrepid Mike' and Ferris Wheels was the most challenging and rewarding holiday that I have ever had. And I nearly didn’t come on this trip because I thought it was too cheap and couldn’t deliver what was promised. I was quite happy to be proven wrong.  
John Britton, Cunnamulla, Queensland

David and I had a few gorgeous days and nights recently with Paul and Anne, reminiscing about the great tour of Turkey in 2006 and looking again at all the photos. Even tested them on where we went each day, where we spent each night and the names of all the riders! Fabulous memories of our best ever holiday. I congratulate and applaud you both for having created such a fantastic life for yourselves whilst giving others the experience of a lifetime that they wouldn't have otherwise got around to organising. I would love to go and do Morocco with you sometime !
Chanel Waterford, Balmain, NSW

Tired of being just an armchair traveler with National Geographic? Join Ferris Wheels on an unforgettable journey of experience. A diversity of people, breathtaking scenery, challenging riding. A photographer’s heaven and a lifetime of memories. Yep, it really is that good !
Steve McEvoy, St. Ives, NSW

I have just finished viewing the latest DVD you kindly sent me, thank you. The section on the Himalayan Heights I did with you brought back great memories! (The roads in the Dalmatian section look a lot better). But the whole DVD is very impressive. What's even more impressive Mike and Denise is that you have continued to offer so much to the motorcycling fraternity for so long, and may it continue for a lot longer yet. Ken Parsons, Point Clare, NSW

I have lifted my head out of my warren just in time to read your latest excellent newsletter! Thank you Denise, for the ride around Morocco. I very much enjoyed your friendship and I thought your leadership and good humour throughout the tour was outstanding. Something to appreciate and remember.
Brian McIllree, Deepdene, Vic

I’ve been to India several times before on so-called ‘5-star’ luxury tours, but they leave a lot to be desired when compared to the organisation and professionalism of the Ferris Wheels operation. Well done Mike, for achieving order out of impossible chaos! (Associate Professor) Carole Rogers, Faculty Head, Uni of Sydney, NSW

I’ve done many adventure holidays all over the world, and the Himalayan Safari was the toughest I’ve ever been on, both emotionally and physically. Everybody should do it at least once ! As a motorcycling experience, it ranks right up there with Easter at Bathurst in the ‘80s, or the Isle of Man TT, or the first AGP at Phillip Island in 1989. Ross Harris, Albion Park, NSW

As an amateur hangglider pilot my safety ceiling without oxygen is 10,000 feet. It’s a staggering prospect to think that whilst flying at this level, my greatest danger might possibly be someone on a motorbike falling on me from almost twice as high. But that’s what we’ve just done with Ferris Wheels in the Himalaya; 18,000 feet on a motorbike !! Awesome. John Wilson, Queanbeyan, NSW

I’m 72 years old. I’ve been riding motorbikes for 58 years. I’ve owned over 400 bikes and my diaries tell me I’ve totalled nearly 2 million kilometres, including criss-crossing every desert in Australia during 19 separate rides. My first Ferris Wheels trip to India was a magic remedy for the severe depression that I suffered after the loss of my dear wife and will remain the single most memorable and enjoyable trip I have done in my entire, eventful life. I’ve already paid for next year ; I’m definitely going again. Doug Sunderland, 72, Wangaratta, Vic (and Chief Steward, Phillip Island Racing)

Well I wouldn't have thought it likely, but this year's trip was even better. The new circuit (1997) through Kashmir was incredibly beautiful. The deep snow on the high passes drove it home to us how high we were. Even the crazy monsoon weather was enjoyable; in 59 years of riding I've never seen rain like it – an absolute wall of water, you simply had to laugh. But those Enfields just kept on going! Same guy, one year later, now aged 73

[When Dougie was 75 years old he clocked up his 2 million (diarised) kilometers on a motorbike, on our Millennium Safari through Nepal in Dec '99 / Jan '00, his third trip to the Himalaya with us in four years. This amazing achievement was documented by an SBS film crew for their award-winning TV series entitled ‘Grey Voyagers’. He's now into his 80's and keeps threatening to come on another tour, not only because his Doctor said his health improves with each trip, but because of his love of Nepal & the happy nature of its non-materialistic people.]

Now in my 77th year and have just returned from my 4th Ferris Wheels ride, this time to Peru, Bolivia & Chile, the scenery & riding was more spectacular than ever thought possible, the 400km section of the Pan American Hwy from Chile to Peru, with the Pacific ocean on one side & the snow covered Andes on the other, was far more spectacular than the famous Great Ocean road. I never visualized I would be able to ride through so many countries at this stage of my life, but better late than never, sure wish I had started riding overseas a lot earlier. Don’t Wait.  Can't get rid of him. Dougie again, in Oct 2002

This trip was fantastic. Every corner of every day had something different around it. The scenery, the road and the people were so vibrant. This trip tests your ability to ride a bike on every surface, but the Enfields just loved it. Rhys Jenkins, Kareela, NSW

India is a big smack in the face. An enigma within itself. The bikes are the best possible way to see the country. I very much enjoyed the trip and the Himalaya is absolutely outrageous. Reg Davenport, Washington, USA

Hey, the water in the northern hemisphere does go down the plughole the other way! Marty Slade, The Basin, Vic

I traveled on roads (in Turkey) that ancient Persian, Greek and Roman chariots had traversed. Just awesome! Bill Schiralli, Bangor, NSW

Without doubt, the best holiday I’ve had in 20 years. Worth every cent/rupee. The scenery was stunning, the cultural contrasts challenging and the riding…The calculating laid-back leadership approach was perfect. John Webb, Eltham, Vic

A challenging trip of ups and downs – physically, geographically, mentally and often, emotionally. I learned so much about India and Nepal, and of course, about myself. And Mike Ferris is without doubt the best logistician I've ever met. RAAF Wing Cmdr Neil Collie, Richmond, NSW

Perhaps your motto should be, 'We under promise, but over deliver'.  'Knight Rider' Trevor Tull, Raymond Terrace, NSW

Every day was better than the last. Put me down for another one. Barry Norvill, Salisbury, SA

It was hard yakka, but this only contributed to the sense of satisfaction gained. Megan Buntine, The Basin, Vic

A visually astounding, culturally enthralling, physically challenging and deeply rewarding experience and adventure. Run with professionalism, flexibility and humour. Steve Bruland, Stirling, SA

A-one. Perfect. With a couple of hundred trips under my belt, this one will always stand out as No.1 for adventure. Harry Chojna, Toorak, Vic

The trip was a blast. I wanted an active and challenging vacation, and that’s what I got. Abbie Michelson, Atlanta, Georgia

Ferris Wheels gave me the opportunity to reach the top of the world by motorbike, five months to the day after my open heart surgery, and succeed with a group of like-minded people, in an adventure that I would never have achieved by myself. It can only be described as “The Motorcycle Ride of Your Life”, and one you will never forget – just The Greatest. It has inspired me to do more, and sooner rather than later because you never know what is around the next corner. Roger Northam, Leopold, Vic

India unashamedly reveals much of her beauty, and a few of her flaws, on the Himalayan safari. I was in awe of her people, cultures and scenery. The roads and traffic rules, whilst ordinary at best and chaotic at the very least, were emotionally, mentally and physically demanding, but also caused a sense of euphoria during, and at the completion of, each day’s ride. This adventure would rate as a ‘Major Life Experience’ in almost any person’s life; it was for me. To anyone considering this trip, I advise, “Bite the Bullet – Ride an Indian Enfield across the highest roads in the world!”  Alan Bell, Leopold, Vic

Mike, thanks for your Xmas party invite. It's always nice to receive Ferris Wheels mail, I just stand at the letter box for a couple of minutes with a big goofy grin on my face and let my mind wander back to a better place. I hope all your trips this year were completed safely, and everyone had a great time. It’s seven years since I went to India with you and I still have trouble fully grasping the magnitude of what I experienced. Thank you so very much. Marty Stanley, East Keilor, Vic

The trip kept me breathless from: the awe-inspiring scenery and cultural sights, the hysterical laughter of a great group of people, and all the steps that were not designed for short-arsed people! Colleen Subir, Caringbah

The greatest holiday we’ve ever had – if you can call it that. Thanks for an experience which changed our lives and has left us wanting more life-threatening experiences!! Tom & Sylvia Newsham, Sydney, NSW

Well hey, thanks a lot for screwing up every other bike trip I’m ever likely to do! How the hell am I ever going to find one that even comes close to this? Russell Beaufort, Miami, Florida

It’s amazing how the memories of the hard work we did faded really quickly when I got home, leaving just images of the good times and the realisation of what an amazing adventure it really was. The country, the culture, the sheer satisfaction of having done what we did, and the comradeship, made this probably the most memorable 4 weeks of my life. I have traveled to many countries and been riding for 35 years, but this trip was something else. I’m writing this 8 weeks after the event and I would go again tomorrow. John Hagan, Ballina, NSW

Bruce, I emailed you several months ago about your bike tour dramas in India, and have since taken my own trip. In July my wife Donna and I joined 15 others for a Ferris Wheels trip to the north of India and into Kashmir. I cannot tell you how great a trip it was, one of the harder things I have ever done, but worth the time and expense. The bikes were first class and we had three full time mechanics with us for the entire trip. If you ever do India again, you should try Ferris Wheels. John C Ayres, Eureka, California

I’ve been a bike rider for 46 years and a world traveler for most of that too, including a significant ride across China. But the trip I have recently completed with Ferris Wheels across the Himalaya has been the most fantastic adventure I have ever undertaken. It has been an absolute highlight of my life. Graeme Potts, St. Ives, NSW

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