Thunder Dragon of Bhutan

The Thunder Dragon tour

Two-week extensive guided tour of Bhutan!

Enjoy the culture and beauty of this fascinating Kingdom in the Himalaya. Explore remote parts of this hidden gem, with its amazing architecture, food, scenery, and sensational riding roads!

The Thunder Dragon -- Tour Details

Arrive at the country's only International Airport in Paro. Our Royal Enfield 'Himalayan' bikes are waiting for us at the hotel. We describe a wide clockwise loop, north - east - south - west, crossing no fewer than six 3,000+metres passes, into areas so remote they almost never see motorised transport.

05 Oct - 19 Oct 2024  Now open for bookings

Rider: US$8,000   Pillion:  US$7,000

Your first thrill on this tour will be your spectacular flight in through the mountainous valleys of the tiny Kingdom, on final approach to Paro airport.

Our Royal Enfield 'Himalayan' bikes are perfect for this terrain and these roads. We climb and cross successively higher mountain passes as we describe a clockwise circuit covering some very remote areas. You'll come to appreciate the unique Bhutan architecture known as a dzong, and ride the most sensational roads you'll find anywhere on our planet.

You won't experience anything like this back home so take our guided tour through Bhutan today, with World On Wheels.

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This tour used to be called the Yaks 'n' Yetis tour, recently re-named to Thunder Dragon. Well known and highly respected Aussie journalist and magazine editor Mick Matheson has a chat to Mike about the highlights of this tour.  [This video also shows parts of Nepal and India]

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This map is not 100% accurate. It seems even good ol' eye-in-the-sky Google Maps can't find some of the roads we're using!  In the bottom right corner, we do NOT cross the border into India; there is a new road from Pemagatshel (C) to Panbang (D). And the missing link shown here from Panbang (D) to Gelephu (A) now also has a new road connecting the two, enabling us to complete the loop.

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