Moroccan Magic

Citadels, kasbahs, souks, and Imperial cities on a Moroccan motorcycle tour!

Morocco is a long-time favourite with musicians, film directors, surfer types and two-wheeled adventurers.

Moroccan Magic Tour Details

Has there ever been a more evocative country name than Morocco?

It conjures up images of snake charmers and minstrels, nomadic Bedouin and blue-robed Tuareg. Date palms, almonds and Argan oil nuts. Camel caravans in the Sahara, goats in the treetops and surfing safaris along the Atlantic coastline.

03 Sep - 22 Sep 2023
  Open for bookings!

Rider: US$7,500  Pillion:  US$6,500

Our motorcycle tour starts in southern Spain then describes a figure-of-8 through Morocco, crossing the Atlas Mountains and riding the famous gorges of Dades and Todra. We visit Marrakech, Fes and Meknes, three of the four ancient Imperial capitals. 

We dine on the national dish tagine, and cous cous like you'll never get at home! 

Experience the wonders of this ancient and exotic world when you join us on a motorcycle tour through Morocco - prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

Watch our 5 minute Moroccan Magic Preview

Well known and highly respected Aussie journalist and magazine editor Mick Matheson has a chat to Mike about the highlights of this tour. 

All our tour videos are available on our Youtube channel

View our Interactive Tour Map

Google Maps unfortunately does not have the capacity to show the whole route on one map, so we've broken it down into two stages: outbound to Mirleft, then homeward bound to Malaga. You can zoom in for greater detail, but even then Google still bypasses some segments. 

You have to click on More Options in the map to be shown the actual correct route.

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