Iberian Inspirations

Iberian Inspiration

We visit Spain, Portugal, Andorra and the Pyrenees in the one grand tour!

On this motorcycle tour we traverse the Andalusia region of southern Spain, the rugged Atlantic coastline of Portugal, and venture into the tiny country of Andorra in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains.

We commence in the Spanish capital of Madrid and then take to the small rural roads, winding our way through Cordoba and Granada in beautiful Andalusia. 

We cross into Portugal and head up the Atlantic Coast, then back across Spain to Biarritz in France, before weaving through picturesque little Tour de France villages in the Pyrenees to arrive at the independent little nation of Andorra.

Iberian Inspirations:
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20 May - 09 June 2025  Now open for bookings!
Rider: US$8,500   Pillion:  US$7,500

This part of the world has history written into its DNA !

The Iberian peninsula is one of the oldest inhabited regions on Earth. The superb architecture stands testament to some of Europe's most gifted craftsmen over many centuries and generations. Cathedrals, fortresses, bridges, aqueducts -- even the roads are works of art.

Through the spectacular twisting roads of southern Spain and Portugal we meander, to grand cities such as Granada, Seville, and Lisbon. Smaller towns like Ronda and Salamanca, tiny hamlets such as Olvera and Lerma.

The countryside is amazing and infinitely variable. Mountains, high plains, coastal resorts, surf beaches, forests, national parks. The mediterranean food is superb, as are the local beers and wines. What's not to love??

This tour is so new, we don't yet have a video preview of it!

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Well known and highly respected Aussie journalist and magazine editor Mick Matheson has a chat to Mike about some tour highlights. 

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Please note, this map is not 100% accurate, but it's as close as Google Maps will allow us to describe. It gives an overall picture of the route we follow, but we take a lot of smaller roads not shown here.

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