Glaciers, waterfalls, fjords, volcanoes, geysers and twenty four hours of sun

What an amazing little country!

It has Europe's largest waterfall, its biggest glacier, it's most troublesome volcano and its most western point. It has the original Geysir from whence the name comes. It has the continental divide where you can stand with one foot on the North American shelf and the other in Europe!

It has puffins, and whales, and beautiful Icelandic horses. It has better lobster than Maine, better scallops than Tasmania and better lamb than New Zealand.

Apart from this it's a pretty ordinary place really.

Book a spot on our tour through the open roads of Iceland, or explore the other exhilarating motorcycle adventure tours that take you through some of the most exciting and beautiful places on Earth. For a tour like no other, book with World On Wheels.

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The route shown is not 100% accurate, but it's as close as Google Maps will allow us to represent it. We take a few more side routes than shown here!

2018 Date / Prices

11 Jun – 25 Jun 2018  Now open for bookings
Rider:  US$8,000     Pillion:  US$7,500

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