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We may be incommunicado at the top of the Himalaya, so email is a useful mode of contact and we can respond as soon as we're back in range. For all general enquiries please use the link below:

EMAIL: Adventure@WorldOnWheels.Tours

Tel: (+61) 0408 770480 / 0414 947194

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Mike and Denise Ferris own the business and we very much believe in the personal hands-on approach. Even now after 25 years we still lead many of the tours ourselves, although we do occasionally engage a tour leader to guide a tour they've been on with us. Not many tour companies are owned by a husband and wife who both ride! So when you arrive at one of our destinations, you won't be met at the hotel by Joe Citizen who's only been there once before and sits in the van, you'll be met by one of the company's directors/owners, or a trusted multiple participant, who rides with you.

Mike spent 17 years in various roles in the hi-tech industry, stretching back to the dark ages when they still had someone referred to in hushed tones as The Computer Operator who, dressed in a white lab coat, loaded arm-length columns of punched cards into a steam-driven megamachine. Through lofty titles such as Programmer and Analyst to systems design, sales, marketing, and eventually setting up his own company with a couple of friends, he successfully arrived at an early mid-life crisis in 1993 and took off on an Everest expedition where he discovered the mysticism of the Himalaya. He grew his hair too long, acquired an earring and sampled some of the local vegetation, then one fateful night in Kathmandu someone took advantage of his altered state and sold him a motorcycle. Having never even sat on a motorcycle before at the tender age of 37, the rest, as they say, is history. He found enlightenment not under the Bodhi tree but on a Royal Enfield, and never went back to his day job.

Denise (nee Dyer) also spent many years in the Corporate World. With a masters degree in psychology she moved quickly up the Human Resources ladder to become the youngest-ever board member for NCR (NZ) and then HR Director for several multinationals including Lion Nathan, the brewing giant. She then made a career change to the philanthropic world in becoming CEO for The Humour Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation putting Clown Doctors into children's hospitals รก la the Robin Williams movie Patch Adams. Then one fateful day on an international flight she found herself in a conversation with a guy who ran motorcycle safaris. Having never even sat on a motorcycle before at the tender age of 37, the rest, as they say, is history. She found enlightenment on the back of his black Ducati and never went back to her day job. She married the guy, changed her name, got her bike license and became a professional globe-trotting motorcyclist. Her parents still think it's a phase she's going through.

Marcus Williams is our General Manager. As well as an obvious enthusiasm for two-wheeled adventures, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in international travel, having been in the ski travel industry for many years.

Craig Feutrill is our leading Tour Guide. He's completed no fewer than 9 tours with us, including the very first tour way back in 1995, our inaugural Himalayan Heights tour which started the rush. Craig is an Entomologist by trade, but prefers to be on a bike whenever he can.  He has toured the majority of the world on two wheels or four and was a motorcycle tour guide in the Vietnam Central Highlands in 2014.  The famous photo of his reflection in Bolivia's wet Salar de Uyuni with an Africa Twin featured in our World On Wheels (Ferris Wheels) brochures and magazine ads for 15 years. Craig now basks in his glory days, with a penchant for sharing a chilled G&T with like-minded travelers in exotic locations. 

Choose your Tour Operator carefully !

Our trips have been acclaimed over the past 25+ years in Two Wheels, Motorcycle News, Riding On, Australian Road Rider, SideTrack, Motorcycle Trader, TrailBike Adventure Magazine, Geo Australia, Cross Check, The Good Oil, Lonely Planet, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Weekly, The Australian, Melbourne Age, The Geelong Advertiser, The West Australian, Kiwi Rider, The NZ Herald, The UK Guardian, The Dominion, North Shore Times, The Manly Daily, The Kathmandu Post, Indian Link, The Times of India, The Hindustan Times…the list goes on and you can view some of these articles elsewhere on our webpages. In addition, many of our clients have been individually featured in regional newspapers and club magazines too numerous to mention, as a result of their participation in these tours. Our international safaris have been featured on top-rating TV travel shows such as The World Around Us, Grey Voyagers and Getaway, as well as many a privately-produced client video and recently of course, our very own TV series World On Wheels on the 7 Network. We enjoy an exceptionally high repeat rate from satisfied customers, several of whom have done four, five or eight tours with us -- one guy Jim has done 25 (yes, twenty-five!!) so far and still counting. He averages two trips with us per year.

We love the lifestyle our profession affords us. We get to explore foreign places all year round on two wheels with (usually!) like-minded people. When we're not riding exotic lands with other motorcyclists, we live in Narrabeen on Sydney's northern beaches. Directly outside our front door is a tranquil lake where we go kayaking. A couple of hundred metres to the right is our local gymnasium where we do our best to keep fit; a couple of hundred metres to the left is the iconic Narrabeen surf beach, immortalised in the lyrics of the classic 1963 Beach Boys hit, Surfin' USA. We have a beautiful home office here, where our morning ritual is to count the pelicans on the lake before we open the daily email.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but one of the less-easily controlled aspects of this global phenomenon called the Internet is that other people can copy your ideas and help themselves to your entire published content. Other tour operators have seen fit to copy our itineraries and whole sections of our descriptive narrative into their own webpage, verbatim. One company has 'borrowed' our tagline about living on the edge, and another newcomer boasts three guides who are all past clients of World On Wheels (when we were Ferris Wheels).

Our professionalism and meticulous attention to detail is second to none and is apparent throughout everything that we do, because we take it personally. Our itineraries are more comprehensive than others on offer. If their trip appears cheaper, ask how many days you will be riding, ask if all meals are included, all fuel for the bikes, all spare parts, etc. Then ask if you can phone a few of their clients and some of ours for references, before deciding where to place your faith.

Because quite simply, World On Wheels has the greatest experience in ensuring that you will have, quite simply, the greatest experience.

World On Wheels Motorcycle Tours
P O Box 996 Narrabeen NSW 2101 Australia
Telephone: (+61) 0408770480  /  0414947194
Email: Adventure@WorldOnWheels.Tours

Mike thinks he can sing !

Click below to listen to his original composition, Reachin' for the Heavens, which is the DVD Soundtrack for the World On Wheels TV series

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